The Association of Port Stanley Artists (APSA) is currently accepting image submissions from Artists who wish to participate in the “OFF THE WALL ART SHOW” at our New Location: Masonic Centre of Elgin, 42703 Fruit Ridge Line, St. Thomas, Ontario. The Call For Artist's Submissions will run from January 1 to February 28, 2019. This event will be held on Sunday, July 14, 2019, from 11 am to 6 pm. A one-day-only, rain or shine event.                                                             

OUR GOAL                                             
~ To continue our Annual Celebration of Art, Food & Fun in Elgin County.
~ To bring a Community of Local and Regional Artists together to feature Original Art for Sale. 
~ To provide a new and exciting forum for Artists to share ideas
~ To bring Fine Art in its many forms to diverse patrons in Elgin County and beyond.

ACCEPTED ART MEDIUMS - Mediums include Original works of: Acrylic & Oil Painting, Watercolour, Mixed Media (2 and 3D), Photography, Glass Work, Metal, Stone or Woodworking, Clay, Pottery, Ceramics, Textiles, Graphite Pencil, Steampunk Design, Sculpture and Original Jewelry. All works must be for sale by the participating Artist. (We advertise as Original work for Sale ~ sorry, no crafters or store vendors).  If you are unsure if your medium will be accepted, please email us to check.

ART DISPLAY SPACES - This year we offer indoor spaces and outdoor spaces.  Indoors, Artists have the opportunity to utilize a 10x10 foot space in 1 of 2 available indoor rooms, OR Outdoors, Artists may bring their own individual 10x10 foot pop-up style Art tents that can be set up on the grassy grounds of the Masonic property, along Sunset and Fruit Ridge Line.  Artists outdoors would need to bring their own Art tents.  Selected Artists in Individual 10x10 foot Art tents have the option of sharing their tent with 1 other Selected Artist.  

REGISTRATION - After Artists have been selected, registration will commence the first week in March.  All selected participating Artists are required to pay a one-time-only Registration payment of $50.  All Artists whether sharing or not will be required to apply separately.  No Commission on sales will be taken.  Registration payments are non-refundable as all money collected is used for Advertising the Event.

NOTE ABOUT ORIGINALITY - All Artists selected for this event are required to display only one-of-a-kind work for sale ~ no Editions please.  Art Cards / Postcards are the exception.  En Plein Air Painting as well as Artist's Demonstrations and Installations are welcome.


1.   Via Email  to: provide your name, address, phone number and please provide all of the following info:

2.   All applicants must submit 3 jpeg images (size 1024 x 768 pixels at 72 dpi) of recent work that reflect the style you'd be displaying at the Art Show.

3.   New Applicants to an OTW event - send a brief Bio about your art background and how you heard about us.

4.   Include the title, size, medium and approximate price of each artwork image submitted. 

5.   REQUEST ONE of the following art display options:

- I request a space Outdoors and have my own pop-up Individual Art Tent.

- I request a space Outdoors and would share my own tent with another Artist.

- I do not have my own Art Tent, but I am looking to share one with another Artist outdoors.

- I request an individual Art display space Indoors. 

6.   A Selection Committee will make the final decisions on the Artists acceptance to participate in the OTW event during the first week of March.  All applicants will receive a reply.

7.   Once Selected to participate, you will be notified during the 1st week of March with further instructions on how to register for admission to the July 14, 2019 OTW Art Show, and to make your one-time, non-refundable payment of $50.  
8.   Type 'OTW Application' in the subject line of your email.  Applications must be received via email no later than Feb. 28, 2019.  

NOTE:  You must have (or have access to) a current email address as all communications for the Off The Wall Art Show are done electronically = ) 

Thank you for your interest & Let's Make It Happen! 

The OTW Art Show Admin Team
OTW Website: